Wednesday 10th of August

CONFERENCE: The role of global capitalism in middle east with the focus on Iran Global capitalism policies in the Middle East have created a situation of permanent political and social crisis interrupted only by devastating wars for almost a century. The current sectarian and political rivalries can make the situation worsen, our guest in this conference will discuss about Middle East with focus on Iran.

Iran’s strategic role in the Middle East, Working-class movement in Iran, Women’s role in the future developments in Iran, The role of Global Imperialism in the destruction of Iran, The development of social movements in Iran and the role of the progressive forces, Quality of the function and rotation of capital in Iran.


Mr. Younes Parsa Bonab, Washington, U.S.A/ by Skype Iran’s strategic role in the Middle East

Mr. Torab Saleth, London. England: will be present political and social crises in Middle East

Ms. Yassamine Mather, London. England: (by Skype) Neo liberal economic policies in Iran

Ms. Parvin Ashrafi, Vancouver, Canada: (by Skype) Women’s role in the future developments in Iran

Mr. Behrooz Farahani, Paris, France: (by Skype): The development of social movements in Iran and the role of the progressives in it.

Mr. Bahram Zandi, Washington, U.S.A: will be present The role of Global Imperialism in the destruction of Iran

Address:141, avenue Président Kennedy Université du Québec à Montréal – Pavillon SB (Local SB-R430) Montréal, Canada

Time: Aug 10 2016 13:00 – 15:30

Skype: Paltalk: NorthLeft

Category: Social Issues And Politic


Friday 12th of August:

FILM SCREENING : In order to control the population, the dictatorship of Iran has done its best to destroy the memories and imagination of its people. Using animation and images, filmmaker and Expolitical prisoner, Masoud Raouf shows us how step by step the visual landscape along with art and culture were subverted and replaced as means to install the government’s theocracy. As an act of restoring the human map, Raouf shares his stories based on his experiences and memories of pre and post revolution Iran while living in exile.

There Is a Garden


Address: 3680 rue Jeanne Mance, pavillon MAI

Time: 11h00 to 12h30

Skype: Paltalk: NorthLeft

Category: Social Issues And Politics



Friday 12th of August

CONFERENCE Extermination of Political Prisoners under the Regime of Islamic republic of Iran:  In the course of two months, in the summer of 1988, more than 15000 political prisoners in Iran were brutally massacred after a summary trail of 2-3 minutes. It was a kind of Inquisition under which political prisoners were exterminated, because of the suspicion of the authorities about their alternative way of thinking. Today, with more than 27 years of consistent struggle by the members of families, friends, and political activists, the movement for the remembrance of victims is getting more and more momentum. It is unfortunate that after 27 years, there are lots of mysteries about this horrible case of crimes against humanity in Iran. It is, however, promising that this grass root- movement is bringing many aspects of this hidden crime to the fore, in the face of the total denial of authorities and their execution gangs. Please note that the policy of extermination has been continuing by the Islamic Republic of Iran since the revolution in Iran happened in 1979 till now specially in years 80’s.


Mr Ezat Mossalla nejad (Toronto, Canada):  Collective Trauma.

Ms Nooshin Shafahi (Toronto, Canada):  The prison of women political prisoners in Iran.

Mr Ali Abani (Seattle, U.S.A): “Real Eyes Realize Real Lies” Massacre of oppositions in Iran.

Mr Torab Saleth (London, England):  Revolution and Anti Revolution in Iran.

Music and VocalMs. Shirin Mehrbod (Montreal, Canada) Ms. Shirin Mehrbod will be on stage.

Dance: Ms. Aram Bayat and Group of Miss Sun (Montreal, Canada): Group of young professional dancers will be in these event.

Address: 3450, rue University Université McGill (Auditorium Adams)

Time: Aug 12 2016 13:00 – 15:30

Skype: Paltalk: NorthLeft

Category: Social Issues And Politics

Host of political prisoners conference will be : Commemoration Committee of the Massacre of Political Prisoners of 80’s in Iran, Montreal.

All the activities and speech will be in English and French with live translation. the programmes will be live stream with social media like skype and paltalk worldwide.

Montreal time is 6 hours behind Paris and 3 hours ahead of Vancouver.

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