Uppmaningen från den konstnärliga arbetsgruppen för det nionde internationella seminariet om dödandet av politiska fångar i Ira

Den revolutionära framväxten av kvinnor, liv och frihet är ett bevis på en social rörelse vars rötter kan spåras tillbaka till åren innan dess uppkomst och i flera decennier av förtryck och diskriminering… en rörelse som orsakade betydande förändringar inte bara i det politiska och sociala områden men också inom …


The call of the artistic collective of the 9th International seminar on the killing of political prisoners in Iran

The revolutionary rise of women, life, and freedom is proof of a social movement whose roots can be traced back to years before its emergence and in several decades of oppression and discrimination… a movement that caused significant changes not only in the political and social fields but also in …

"Stop killing the children".

Roger Water: “Stop killing the children”

“Stop killing the children”.


Uprising against execution

Call for action to protest state murder in Iran Since coming to power, the Islamic regime in Iran has used execution as a tool to establish itself and consolidate its power. From deathly hasty show trials for suppressing political dissent after the revolution to violent oppression and mass killings in …


A Letter to My Mother

by Majid Naficy It is midnight now, but I cannot sleep. I remember our visit two weeks ago in Istanbul, especially that day when you and I put two chairs on the balcony of our hotel, sat next to each other and chatted about your memories for hours: your father who …

Perspectives Counter: Left-Wing Perspectives in Iran.

Perspectives Counter: Left-Wing Perspectives in Iran

Since September 2022, the struggles in Iran have become visible worldwide under the slogan “Woman, Life, Freedom”. The women’s struggles against patriarchy and for a self-determined life continue under the most dangerous conditions. Chemical poisoning has been spreading in Iranian girls’ schools for five months. The prisons are full of …

Perspectives Counter: Left-Wing Perspectives in Iran.

Perspektive-Tresen: Linke Perspektiven im Iran

Seit September 2022 werden die Kämpfe im Iran weltweit unter dem Slogan »Frau, Leben, Freiheit« sichtbar. Die Kämpfe der Frauen gegen das Patriarchat und für ein selbstbestimmtes Leben dauern unter gefährlichsten Bedingungen an. Chemische Vergiftungen breiten sich seit fünf Monaten in iranischen Mädchenschulen weiter aus. Die Gefängnisse sind voll mit …


A Four-Decade Secret: One Man’s Story of Sabotaging Carter’s Re-election

A prominent Texas politician said he unwittingly took part in a 1980 tour of the Middle East with a clandestine agenda. arnes said, make his own case for becoming secretary of state or defense in a new administration. What happened next Mr. Barnes has largely kept secret for nearly 43 …



Comentario Previo Unas 20 organizaciones independientes de trabajadores, estudiantes, profesores, mujeres y jubilados iraníes han publicado un manifiesto por sus demandas mínimas, en el que hacen hincapié en la liberación de los presos políticos, la separación de la religión del Estado, la abolición de la pena de muerte, la libertad …


The Manifesto for Minimum Demands by Independent Trade & Civil Organisations in Iran
Honourable and Gallant People of Iran!

Woman, Life, Freedom In the forty fourth anniversary of the 1979 Revolution, the very economic, political, and social fabric of the country has so drastically unravelled by crisis that one cannot see any clear and achievable perspective for its ending whilst the current political set-up exists in the country. It …