Uprising against execution


Call for action to protest state murder in Iran

Since coming to power, the Islamic regime in Iran has used execution as a tool to establish itself and consolidate its power. From deathly hasty show trials for suppressing political dissent after the revolution to violent oppression and mass killings in Kurdistan and Baluchistan, from imposing Sharia laws and criminalization of personal relationships and consensual intimacy to executing dissidents based on forced confessions, the gallows have always been there for the regime and evidently it doesn’t care what the world would think.
Now that the Women Life Freedom revolution has revived hope for change in the society, the Islamic regime, as always, is using mass executions to terrorize and intimidate people. According to the UN, since January, at least 209 prisoners have been executed in Iran, that is nearly 10 people per week. Among the executed and those on death row are 6 Arab political prisoners and the alleged culprits of the Khaneh Isfahan incident. Many have also been executed on alleged drug-trafficking charges, mostly Baluch prisoners. This is not surprising. Baluch, Kurd, and Arab minorities have always been crucial forces of protest and resistance, and the Islamic regime has always been seeking revenge, trying to break their resistance through execution.
To protest these bestial acts and hold the international community accountable for its inaction and collaboration with such a regime, we gather in front of the Federal Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt) in Berlin on Monday the 15th of May from 3pm to 6pm. Join us in the attempt to stop executions in Iran.

Where: In front of the Federal Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt)
Werderscher Markt 1, 10117 Berlin, Germany
When: Monday, May 15th 2023, (3pm-6pm).

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