The people united will never be defeated! (EL PUEBLO UNIDO)

The busy Odeon Support Orchestra sings El Pueblo !!

Very strong moment this Saturday in Paris, in front of the busy Odeon Theater, where, at the end of the support concert, the musicians and the public sang the revolutionary Chilean song “El Pueblo Unido”! Video taken from our live.

Lyrics in English

Lyrics in English

The united people will never be defeated,

the united people will never be defeated…

On foot, singing.

because we are going triumph.

Advance now,

flags of unity.

And you will come.

marching together with me,

and in that way, you will see

your song and your flag flourish.

The light

of a red dawn

now announces.

the life which will come.

On foot, fighting,

the people will triumph.

It will be better,

the life which will come

to enamor

our happiness

and in a protest,

a thousand voices of combat will revolt,

they will demonstrate.

the song of liberty,

with courage

the fatherland will be victorious.

And now the people

rises in the fight.

with the voice of a giant,

shouting: forward!

The united people will never be defeated,

the united people will never be defeated…

The fatherland is

forging the unity.

From north to south

people will mobilize,

from the salt flat

hot and mineral

to the southern forest,

united in the fight and the work,

they will go,

they will cover the fatherland.

Now its way

announces the future.

On foot, singing,

the people will triumph.

Now millions

impose the truth,

steely are

the ardent battalions,

their hands are walking,

carrying the justice and the reasoning.


with fire and with courage,

now you are here

together with the working man.

And now the people

rises up in the fight

with the voice of a giant,

shouting: forward!

The united people will never be defeated,

the united people will never be defeated.

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