The call of the artistic collective of the 9th International seminar on the killing of political prisoners in Iran


The revolutionary rise of women, life, and freedom is proof of a social movement whose roots can be traced back to years before its emergence and in several decades of oppression and discrimination… a movement that caused significant changes not only in the political and social fields but also in the field of art.

We believe that it is up to art and artists to narrate the events and developments of the day in an artistic language, and also address the trajectory and origins of these social developments.

Therefore, with regard to the importance of litigation and with a partial look at its background and roots, and with an emphasis on documenting the past and present and the prospect of liberating litigation in the future, and in parallel with the 9th international gathering on the killing of political prisoners in Iran (September 29th to October 1st, 2023-Berlin) with the title “Liberation lawsuit and the revolutionary uprising of Women, Life, Freedom “Jen, Jian, Azadi” in order to create an artistic group to produce a collection of works with related themes. We are about a meeting.

Therefore, we invite all artists in all different disciplines to join this group and help us in this matter.

“The artistic collective of the 9th international seminar on the

killing of political prisoners in Iran.” (May 16, 2023)

Ways to contact us:




For more information, refer to the website of the 9th National Assembly on the Killing of Political Prisoners in Iran:

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