Perspectives Counter: Left-Wing Perspectives in Iran

Perspectives Counter: Left-Wing Perspectives in Iran.

Since September 2022, the struggles in Iran have become visible worldwide under the slogan “Woman, Life, Freedom”. The women’s struggles against patriarchy and for a self-determined life continue under the most dangerous conditions. Chemical poisoning has been spreading in Iranian girls’ schools for five months. The prisons are full of activists, hundreds have been executed. The Islamic Republic has existed for over 40 years. In 1979, the Shah was overthrown in Iran. The revolution was driven by left-wing, secular and Islamic currents. In the course of 1979, the Islamist forces around Khomeini consolidated their power. The opposition was brutally suppressed, independent trade unions, left-wing organizations, parties and the press were banned, Sharia law was introduced. Left-wing Iranians stress that a socialist alternative must not side with the Iranian regime or with imperialist interventions.

We have invited representatives of Prison’s Dialogue to shed light on the historical development since 1979 and to analyze the current situation in Iran.

Tuesday | 16 May 2023 | 19 p.m. | Bandito Rosso Lottumstraße 10a

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