Demo on 19.03. in Berlin: Against Repression, Police Violence and Prison in Berlin


Come to the demo (route) on Friday, March 19, at 5:30 p.m. to turmstraße underground station – against the criminalization of left-wing and emancipatory movements, the prison system and institutionalized racism in the police and judiciary!

Please show solidarity and wear a mouth-nose protection and keep the distances. Don’t drink alcohol on the demo, it’s important to keep a clear head! Please don’t take photos and video recordings with your smartphone!

It is possible that the press representatives are present. In response to a request, we unloaded the TV production company PQP/P2, whose programmes are broadcast on Pro7. Details can be found here.

In addition, further actions and events will take place around 15 and 18 March.

Demo * Berlin * 19.03.2021 * 17:30 Uhr * U Turmstraße

Call for a demonstration against repression, police violence and prison in Berlin

On the occasion of the International Day against Police Violence (15 March) and the International Day of Political Prisoners (18 March), we as a Berlin alliance call for the demonstration of the nationwide campaign “Community Resistance” together with “Death in Custody“. Actions are planned in many cities this week. On 18 March is also the 150th birthday of the Paris Commune, the revolutionary self-organization of Parisian workers. Let us take to the streets, against repression, for new municipalities!

Come to the demo on Friday, March 19, at 5:30 p.m. to turmstraße underground station – against the criminalization of left-wing and emancipatory movements, the prison system and institutionalized racism in the police and judiciary!

After the kick-off rally we want to pass the neighborhood on time at 6 p.m., past combative places – for example, at Theater X. Repression is intended to suppress struggles against the exploitative class and the building of a society based on solidarity.

In the past year, there have again been mass searches, criminal proceedings and arrests motivated by political and racial motives: such as raids in Görlitzer Park and the anarchist library Kalabal!k, collective mass accusations against anti-fascists for blocking a Nazi march in Remagen, against G20 opponents in the so-called “Rondenbarg” trial or against feminists for blocking the so-called “March for the Life” of anti-abortion activists in Berlin in 2019, as well as accusations and imprisonment against leftists for alleged terrorist associations under section 129. We must not forget the effects of the tightening of the law in recent years – and the amendment of the Berlin ASOG (General Security and Order Act), which is intended to extend the powers of the police, including telephone surveillance. In addition, there is the repression against left-wing projects and forced evictions such as the camp at Rummelsburger Bucht. Potse, Mutiny, Köpi-Wagenplatz and the Rigaer94 are under threat. A police attack on the Rigaer94 is expected on 11 and 12 March.

In solidarity with the prisoners, our goal is the Moabit prison. Here, in the summer of 2020, Ferhat Mayouf died: his cell burned, he cried for help, while guards stood in front of it and did nothing – until he fell silent. As in all prisons – isolated from society and exposed to the arbitrariness of the prison apparatus – people are also in prison in Berlin because they do not have tickets and cannot pay fines or because they do not receive a residence permit – because they are attacked by class justice, racism and sexism. On the other hand, we serve the capitalist system as cheap labour – for example, for authorities and companies such as Miele, Ikea and Rossmann for one to three euros per hour.

Together we are stronger than their repression!
United We Stand – Against Repression, Racism, Patriarchy and Capitalism!

Demo * Berlin * 19.03.2021 * 17:30 Uhr * U Turmstraße

Called as PDF


U Turmstraße → Turmstraße → Beusselstraße → Wiclefstraße → Waldstraße → → Waldenserstraße → Oldenburg Straße → Wiclefstraße → Bremer Straße → Birkenstraße → Lübecker Straße → Turmstraße → Rathenower Straße → Alt Moabit → final rally in front of the knast


So. | 3/14 | 16h | Event

Ridiculous? Adbusting with police and military.

Mo. | 3/15 | 17h | Rally

Out for the International Day against Police Violence!

Mo. | 3/15 | 19h | Panel discussion

Racist police violence: short- and long-term possibilities for action. For ways out in solidarity!

Di. | 3/16 | 19h | Event

Free Mumia Abu-Jamal. Background and current development.

Thu. | 3/18 | 18h | Rally

freedom for Pablo Hasél and all other political prisoners.

Thu. | 3/18 | 8pm | Event

129b and the persecution of the Kurdish left.

Fr. | | 19 17:30h | Demonstration

Against repression, police violence and prison.

As part of the International Weeks against Racism, events and actions will take place from 15 March to 28 March.

For the 20.03. there are registrations of Reichsbürger and Nazis in Berlin. Participate in the counter-protests!

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