Call for a meeting on Saturday, 27 February 2021, 14:00 Opposite the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran,


Call for a meeting on Saturday, 27 February 2021, 14:00

Opposite the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran,

Podbielskiallee 67, 14195 Berlin, U3, U-Bahnhof Podbielskiallee


With a worldwide campaign, 27 left-democratic groups are showing solidarity with the people who were imprisoned and shot in Iran a few days ago in the fight for bread and freedom.


Institutional corruption, brutal exploitation, looting of resources, discrimination and high prices are leading to more poverty, hunger and despair for the majority of the Iranian population every day. The Sistan and Baluchistan regions are among the poorest provinces in Iran. There, the unemployment rate is over 50%. The only way for young people and their families to make a living in this region is to trade in fuel. They often work as carriers of gas oil on the border with Pakistan. A few days ago, several Iranian fuel carriers were shot dead in this work. As a result, several people stormed the office of the governor of Sistan province and Baluchistan province in Saravan. Several people are said to have been killed and injured.

The Iranian state, as the largest beneficiary of Iran’s oil reservoirs, is implementing a plan, in coordination with the Revolutionary Guards, to prevent comparatively small trade against the impoverished population, who thus earn their bread.

This inhumane plan threatens and prevents the livelihoods of a large part of the young residents of this poverty-affected region. The regime does not offer them a subsistence minimum, nor does it allow those affected to make a meager living by trading and transporting fuel. Instead, workers are shot.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is currently in a complex crisis situation, caused primarily by the government itself. For more than four decades, their policy has been aimed at suppressing and crushing the demands of the Iranian people, who demand decent and just living conditions.

We condemn in the strongest possible terms the murder of dozens of fuel carriers in Saravan!

We stand by them.

Please support our solidarity with the people of Baluchistan who are fighting for bread and freedom on 27 February 2021.

No to political murders, the death penalty and torture!

Freedom for all political prisoners!

Down with the Islamic Republic of Iran!

Long live freedom and social justice!

Solidarity events take place in Berlin, Hannover, Stuttgart, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Los Angeles and New York City


Committee for the Support of Political Prisoners in Iran-Berlin e.V.

Association of Iranian Refugees in Berlin e.V.

 The signatories to the joint declaration:

  1. Alliance of Iranian Democratic Forces – Switzerland
  2. Autonomous Iranian Women in Cologne- Germany
  3. German-Iranian Solidarity Group in Stuttgart- Germany
  4. Forum of Iranian Democrats and Socialists in Hanover
  5. Iranian Solidarity Council with Rojava- Stockholm
  6. Committee for the Support of Political Prisoners in Iran-Berlin e.V.
  7. Committee for the Support of Political Prisoners in Iran-Berlin e.V.
  8. Committee to support the struggles of the Iranian people-Frankfurt
  9. Committee in Support of the Iranian People – Switzerland
  10. Committee of Support with the Iranian Labour Movement- Australia
  11. Iranian Solidarity Council with Rojava- Stockholm
  12. Committee for Solidarity with Iranian Workers-Frankfurt
  13. Koneshgaran siasi Iran Los Angeles- USA
  14. Coordination Council against Executions in Iran-Khavaran
  15. Progressive Iranians in NY-NJ
  16. Council in support of the socialist alternatives in Iran
  17. Solidarity with the struggles of the Iranian people – Switzerland
  18. Solidarity Council with Iranian refugees in Turkey
  19. Solidarity Committee with the Iranian-Swedish workers
  20. Socialist Solidarity with Iranian Workers- Paris
  21. Solidarity Council with the Resistance in Iran-London
  22. Socialist Alternative of Iran- London
  23. Supporters of the Madres of Tehran’s Laleh Park- Stockholm
  24. Association for the Support of Freedom and Democracy in Iran-Vienna
  25. Association for the Support of Political Prisoners in Iran-Paris
  26. Association of Iranian Socialists- Sweden
  27. Association of Iranian Refugees in Berlin e.V.

Please wear mouth and nose protection and pay attention to distance!

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