Statement regarding the Al-Quds-Day demonstration in Berlin

Prison´s Dialogue (Ehemalige politische Gefangene im Iran)

we the undersigned object the Al Quds-Day demonstration which is due to take place in Berlin on July the 2nd 2016. The Al Quds-Day is a global day of alleged solidarity with the Palestinian struggle which was initiated by Khomeini, the past islamic leader of Iran. We regard this day as a clear instrumentalization of the Palestinian issue by an interventionist oppressive regime, used only to distract attention from the crimes of the islamic republic against its own population, its own working class and against the entire region.


The Palestinian issue is a global matter, which cannot be used for national interests and oppression. Palestine counts as one of the most important common denominators of the so called muslim world. This fact is used by the Iranian regime in order to present itself as a leading power of the region. This fact is being used just as well by Zionism and western Imperialism in order to incite against the Palestinian struggle using anti-muslim racism and so to legitimate the occupation of Palestine. In this case is the enemy of our enemy not our friend.


The regime of the Islamic Republic is a capitalist and neo-liberal regime, that has been brutally oppressing, murdering and banishing minorities, the workers´ movement and the left opposition of the country for decades. Its propaganda is even more phony considering that many of the comrades who fell prey to this regime were in fact the ones who engaged in real and practical solidarity with Palestine, including in the armed struggle. This internationalist collaboration of revolutionaries is exactly what scares the Iranian government as well as the reformist forces in the country. It is also important to note that this collaboration took place at the time of the regime of the Shah just as well as under the Islamic Republic.


All this does not make the pitiful get-together of Zionists and other racists, who mobilize against the demonstration full of self satisfaction every year, in any way more legitimate. The yearly meeting of Palestine-haters and anti-muslim instigators shows us exactly which kind of people come together and what interests are being pursued when it comes to fighting against a free and self-determined Palestine. For the entire spectrum of the anti-Palestinian “Querfront”[1], from alleged leftist groups such as the “Antifascist Berlin Coalition against the Al Quds-Day” all the way to open nationalists such as the “American Jewish Committee” (AJC) or Pegida, the Al Quds-Day is a feast. We consider those deceitful groups to be our political enemy. In this way, among other things, they shamelessly show up at memorial events for the Nakba with flags of the Nakba criminals only to position themselves as victims when their provocations are reacted upon. They are also the ones who send agents into refugees´ housings in order to incite against refugees. Our condemnation of the Al Quds-Day does not mean in any way that we will set aside the fight against those racist agitators even for one minute.


There is no better quote to end our statement as the quote of Torab Haghshenas, the Iranian communist and revolutionary, who has passed away in exile this year. Just as Torab dedicated his life to the fight against the Iranian regime before and after the revolution, as well as to the Palestinian liberation struggle, we are dedicating this statement to him and his legacy:


“When faced with the continuous attacks of the world of capital, which attempts to annihilate the Palestinians, we are all Palestinians.”


Solidarity with the Palestinian struggle and the workers´ movement in Iran!

Solidarity with the emancipatory struggles in Palestine and Iran!

Against Zionism, against the Islamic Republic!




Gruppe ArbeiterInnenmacht

Komitee zur Unterstützung der politischen Gefangenen im Iran- Berlin e.V.


Prison´s Dialogue (Ehemalige politische Gefangene im Iran)


Street Roots

[1]    “Querfront”, in English “Third Alternative”, is a historical term dating to the Weimar Republic often used by German anti-Palestinian groups to suggest a coalition between forces in the radical left and in the radical right, thereby accusing pro-Palestinian leftist groups of working with Neo-Nazis and thus propagating the anti-Palestinian stereotype that any solidarity with Palestine is antisemitic in its core. We find this term to be much more fitting to the anti-Palestinian and pro-Zionist coalitions in Germany.


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