Prison´s Dialogue (Ehemalige politische Gefangene im Iran)

Statement regarding the Al-Quds-Day demonstration in Berlin

we the undersigned object the Al Quds-Day demonstration which is due to take place in Berlin on July the 2nd 2016. The Al Quds-Day is a global day of alleged solidarity with the Palestinian struggle which was initiated by Khomeini, the past islamic leader of Iran. We regard this day …


The Promised Moment Bijhan Mirzaee Transalation by Ali Abani

Bijhan Mirzaee                                         Transalation by Ali Abani  The Clock was ticking: 4:45 in the afternoon, traffic…., damn traffic … the trouble starts where you least expect. Now is 4:55….. The honk of the automobiles’ horns hurts your ear. I should have arrived by now….. Only one block left…. There is no time …


Samira, life is beautiful

The story is about a 16 years old girl, in the city of Bam where earthquake happened. This incident happened on December 26, 2003   It was a strange evening.  There was a secret image sitting beneath the nightfall. No one knew of this secret but God. Nevertheless, I wish, …